Baby bicycle windshield Polisport

Baby windshield for Polisport Bike

Acquiring windshield Polisport, you can safely go on a bike ride, seated in front of the child velokreslo. Windscreen Polisport protect you and your child from unpleasant contact with the face of dust, dirt or insects. It is conveniently adjustable in height and have a high impact. Feel the comfort and safety while cycling with the windshield Polisport.

Purpose: To protect against adverse weather conditions and insect spray

Compatible: with bicycle handlebars with the most popular diameters - 25,4-31,8 mm

Adjustable: In height

Material: Polycarbonate

Weight: 1,043 kg


  • windshield Polisport
  • impact-resistant and safe
  • height adjustable
  • can be used as in figure skating, and when riding with a child when the child is sitting in the front velokresle
  • a light weight

Reference: 8631600001

Weight: 1,043 kg

Barcode Product code : 2000018438015