Baby Seat Polisport BOODIE QST

Baby seat Polisport BOODIE QST Pink

Color: Pink / Gray

Weight baby: 9 - 22 kg

Standard: to EN 14344 (European standard for child seats)

Mounting: separate mounting, set the frame under the seat. Compatible with oval and round seat tube diameter of 28 to 40 mm

Attachment is a reliable and stable latch on the frame, while quite compact , so as not to interfere during driving without velokresla.

Dougie velokresla mounting recesses have to install only need to send them to the lock slots and little pressure (pressure greater than the weight of the velokresla). To remove velokreslo need to lightly press the release button.

Inside the lock there is a rubber layer, which protects the wheel from scratching and making compatible mount with frames of any shape and size .

The back of the retainer has an opening for shirts (Bowden, brake cables and shift), so as not to peredavlivat them.

Mounting several dampens vibration during driving, which gives extra comfort for the child.

Additional safety belt is fastened to the bicycle frame.

Reference: 8630400033